Carro wanted to help brands and influencers increase the reach of their content together, so we created Influencer Ads. 

With Influencer Ads, brands can pay to promote influencer content, extending its reach. Brands will be able to link back to their website, and you’ll see additional impressions, comments, and likes on your content. We think that benefits everyone. You may even see an increase in your followers! 

We'll still display your content with your influencer name at the top, so that everyone can click through to your profile to find out more about you! 

Who can see my promoted content? 

Promoted content is shared with people who are interested in the same things you post about. Ads that include your content will be shared with your audience, your brand partner’s audience, and people who share your interests. 

How do I use this feature? 

Once you have logged in with Facebook and verified your influencer status on Instagram, we’ll be able to create Influencer Ads. Influencer Ads are only created when a brand selects your content to promote. You’ll receive an email when your content is promoted. 

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