Note: During our Alpha testing of this feature, only select brands will display the reviews. Your review for certain brands may be activated at a later date.

What happens when I give a review? 

Reviews are displayed on the brand's website to help potential customers discover the products that you love most. We'll link to your Instagram, so that brand's visitors can discover your profile! 

Here's what visitors to the brand's site will see: 

Why are Product Reviews required in Product Requests? 

While ordinary reviews are helpful to customers, we want to turn off the noise of random reviews and turn up the volume on highly-qualified influencers (like you!), so that customers can get the right reviews every time.

With this in mind, we've required reviews on all product requests so that you can share your honest opinion with the brand's audience. It's a simple way of thanking the brand for the products they gave you.

Steps for My Product Review

You'll receive an email when it's time for your review. From there, you can click through with your rating and leave a quick review of the product.

Note: You'll need to click through each product in order to leave your review. 

Here's an example of what this looks like: 

What's expected from my review? 

We want your honest review on your favorite product from this brand. Let us know how you're using it, or what your favorite feature is. It can be short as a text message and can include anything you think a customer would want to know! 

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