Carro works with all Instagram account types. Whether you're a creator, business, or personal account, you'll be able to log in and make product requests with Carro at your favorite brands' sites.

How do I know which account type I have? 

There are two indicators that will tell you what type of account you have on Instagram. First, go to your Instagram profile and open the sandwich menu. If you see something called "Insights," then you have either a Business or Creator account. Insights are only available to Businesses and Creators.

To see if you are a Business or Creator, go to Settings > Account on Instagram. There, you should see options to switch your account type at the bottom. Whichever isn't listed, that is the account type that you have currently selected. 

How to switch to a Business account

A Business account will let you take full advantage of all of Carro's features.

To switch, click Settings, then Account on Instagram. Select "Switch to a Business Account" here.

With a Business account, you'll also unlock Insights so that you can see extra information on your followers and the performance of your posts! A Business account will also allow your content to be promoted by Carro's brands, so that you get additional exposure and grow your account! 

Once you've selected a Business account, Instagram will have you set up a Facebook page that can help you grow your audience on Facebook too! 

Why do I need to log in with Facebook as a Business/Creator account? 

Facebook owns Instagram, so Facebook currently uses the same process to log in. Business/Creator accounts have additional functionality within Carro, so signing in with Facebook allows you to take full advantage of all the features. Think of this experience as similar to how Google manages the authentication for YouTube.

How do I log in with my Instagram account? 

When using Carro, you'll be prompted to log in with your Instagram account. 

Follow the directions on screen to log in to Carro with your Business, Creator, or Personal account. 

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