When you provide or post creative content for a brand, the brand is going to want to promote it and share it! Brands are able to support your creativity through sharing your content online. You’ll get great exposure and could grow your following, so sharing your assets with the brand benefits everyone.  

First and foremost, you own the rights to the content you create, even as you grant the brand the right to use it in their marketing. However, if there are other people involved in the content creation, you want to make sure that you have their permission to use the content. This article is a great guide to copyrights and copyright ownership:  https://blog.getcarro.com/design/the-ultimate-guide-to-image-usage-rights/

In addition to the broad agreement used in the product request, you may consider using these additional resources to document content rights for your creative work with brands and your fellow content creators.

  • Template for granting additional rights to brands. If you’d like the brand to be able to use your content in ways that aren’t specified in other agreements, then you can use this template as a way of agreeing to additional content sharing.

  • Photo release for outside photographers. Did you work with a photographer to take these images? This release form specifies that you have the photographer’s permission to use the images.

  • Image Release for Models. Are there people in your images? This release form ensures that you have their permission to use their likeness in the images.

Note: Carro is here to help you work with brands you love. However, all discussions about copyrights & image rights are solely the responsibility of you, the content creators (i.e. influencers) and brands. Communicating with the brand about what is expected is the best way to avoid confusion in the future.

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