Why Do I Have to Log in?

Carro is not logging in to your account for you. We do not store your password or login information.

We have an integration partnership with Facebook and Instagram, so when you log in, it's us displaying their login to you, we never see your login nor do we have access to it, and it goes directly to Facebook.

We require influencers to sign in for two reasons:

1. To verify you are who you say you are when proceeding with Carro.

2. To provide access to our collaboration tools, such as product requests (easy influencer gifting to you!) and provide basic info to brands so that they can collaborate with you.

When you sign in, you’re joining 10,000+ influencers who are working with the 35,000+ brands within the Carro Network.

What Permissions Do I Grant?

When you log in to Carro using your Instagram, you grant two basic permissions:

  • instagram_graph_user_profile

  • instagram_graph_user_media

This enables Carro to validate that you are a qualified influencer based on your Instagram profile.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the Carro team directly using the Intercom bubble! :)

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