If you are unsure if an item will fit, here are a few steps you can take: 

  1. Have a conversation with the brand beforehand! If you received an invitation from the brand, you’ll be able to reply to the email to iron out any details. You may also be able to find a contact email from the brand on their website if you need to reach out. 

  2. Leave a note with your product request! If you aren’t able to reach out to the brand beforehand, be sure to specify your concerns about fit in the notes of your product request. This will indicate to the brand that you need more information before they can proceed with your product request.

  3. Refer to the size chart on the brand’s website. The brand will specify the size and measurements of their products and this is the best resource for ensuring proper fit. This is also the best way to avoid mix ups from Asian, European, and US sizing differences.

Carro is not responsible for products that need to be returned or exchanged,  and it is up to the influencer to coordinate with the brand. Carro defers to the brand’s return policy in all cases, and the influencer is responsible for adhering to the brand’s guidelines.

If you receive something that doesn’t fit…

  1. Contact the brand immediately. The brand email is listed in each confirmation email from Carro that you received for this product request. Let them know about the problem with the item(s) and how you would like to resolve it. 

  2. Explore alternative post ideas. If the brand is unable to swap out the item, you can coordinate with the brand to provide some different kinds of content. You might enlist the help of a friend to model the item if it fits them better, or do a sponsored giveaway for a lucky follower to help grow your audience!


Remember, brands will be able to rate the experience they had, so working to communicate with the brand and resolve the problem will help your Carro score and encourage other brands to partner with you in the future!

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