Carro is here to assist with all of your partnerships with brands. When you collaborate with a brand, we want to make sure that you are setting terms that benefit both you and the brand. 

Although we primarily assist with product exchanges, there are a few ways to request additional terms with the brands you are working with: 

  1. Form your first collaboration, then expand the relationship on future collaborations. If you haven’t worked with a brand before, you may want to consider submitting a product request and providing your first post before requesting additional payment. Once you have an approved product request for that brand, you can reach out via the contact info to begin your conversation. 

  2. Sign up for their affiliate or ambassador program. Check the brand’s website to see if they already have a system in place for paying their influencers. Joining their ambassador or affiliate programs would allow you to monetize your post within the brand’s existing system. You can continue to make product requests once you belong to their program (unless the brand specifies differently). 

  3. Negotiate through the notes section of your product request. The notes section of each product request is your opportunity to confirm the details of your collaboration. You can let them know a little more about your personal aesthetic, or what you plan to do with your requested products. You can also confirm payment requests with brands or ask them to contact you for more details before approving. While we don’t recommend requesting payment here, it is an option for those influencers looking to negotiate paid sponsorships. 

Whatever your planned collaboration, we recommend building a relationship first and foremost. In every interaction you have with a brand, you have the opportunity to build a working relationship that will have long-term opportunities for you as an influencer. 

If for any reason you have difficulty working with a brand and need assistance, you can contact for additional help. We’re so glad you are a part of the Carro community and we hope you will continue to use our network to develop your brand partnerships and collaborative opportunities.

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